A person's life expectancy depends largely on his optimism.

Swiss scientists announced that in order to live a long time, one must have a positive attitude towards others and be optimistic about one's own health. They argue that a positive assessment of the state of one's own well-being and health significantly reduces the risk of various diseases and prolongs the life span.

During the experiments, it turned out that men who assess their health excellently live three times longer than those who constantly complain of various kinds of sores. For women, everything is about the same, only the indicators are slightly lower.

For the experiment, we selected people with the same age, education and marital status. It also kept track of negative habits and various addictions. Comparisons of blood tests and blood pressure values ​​were carried out on an ongoing basis. After all this, it became clear that under the same conditions, psychological factors influence. So, for your own sake, you shouldn't be a pessimist!