Bullish records (Small article)

Proper nutrition, fresh air and a good attitude from the owners helped the breeding goby named Charolais to acquire a record size and take first place among the largest bulls in the world. The height of the bull is one hundred and ninety centimeters, and the weight is one thousand seven hundred kilograms. And this is all muscles and muscles, without a drop of excess fat.

And this bull lives with an already middle-aged farmer named Arthur Decketi in the UK. The owner adores his Charolais and gives him a lot of freedom - the bull mostly spends all its time in the pasture and is almost never in the stall.

And in Australia, there is also a record-breaking bull. He is a Texas breed and his name is Jay Er and he has the longest horns - two meters, seventy-four centimeters.

He is seven years old and his horns may still grow. The owner, Michael Bietl, said that he did not give him special additives - all this was given by nature itself.