New law will take care of the health of Japanese cats and dogs

Very soon, a law will be introduced in Japan that will prohibit the public demonstration of dogs and cats, and any other animals, starting from twenty in the evening. After this time, all animals that work in private and public institutions must rest and recuperate after "work".

This law is largely designed for 24/7 pet stores. Now it will be forbidden to sell animals after twenty zero. Japanese lawmakers believe that animals should rest and sleep at night so that nothing will disturb them.

Also, this law will apply to the very popular "cat cafe". The owners of such establishments, where people can eat in the company of meowing furry creatures, are worried that the new law will reduce customers and reduce profits.

Many regular customers are so accustomed to evening communication with neko that, with the new law, they refuse to come to such cafes during the day.

By the way, there are about fifty non-cafes in Tokyo alone. This business is very popular and loved by both Japanese businessmen and Japanese clients.