25 RULES OF LIFE DON CORLEONE - for those who do not know who will explain this:

Don Vito Corleone (1891-1955) (Italian Vito Corleone, nee Andolini), nicknamed "The Godfather", is the protagonist of the novel "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo and the film by Francis Ford Coppola based on him. He headed one of the most powerful clans of the Italian-American mafia - the Corleone family.

Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro, who played the elder Don Corleone in the first and second films of the Corleone trilogy, are the only pair of actors to have received an Academy Award for their performances of the same character.

1. The first duty of a person is to stay alive. And only then follows what people call honor.

2. If you are generous, then give that generosity a personal touch.

3. On the day of the daughter's wedding, no Sicilian can refuse anyone's request. And no Sicilian will miss such an opportunity.

4. If a man does not become a real father to his children, he is not a man.

5. Friendship is everything. Friendship over talent. Stronger than any government. Friendship means little less than family. Never forget that.

6. Each of us has a story to tell about our troubles. I'm not going to do that.

7. I am tempted to tinker in the garden - to make homemade wine when the bunches are full.

8. He is a business man. I will make him an offer he cannot refuse.

9. I am a superstitious person, I am ashamed to admit, but what can you do.

10. One lawyer with a briefcase in his hands will rob more than a hundred ignoramuses with machine guns.

11. Never be angry, never threaten and make the person think sensibly. The main art is not to notice any insults or threats and turn your left cheek when you are hit on the right.

12. Any other duty is capable of breaking the strongest strength.

13. Nothing is so alien to me in this life as carelessness. Women and children can afford to live carelessly, men cannot.

14. You can't say no to the people you love - at least not often. This is the whole secret. When you do have to, then your "no" should sound like "yes." Or get them to say no themselves. And do not be sorry for this time and effort.

15. For those who take an accident as a personal insult, accidents do not happen.

16. What would happen on earth if people, contrary to all the arguments of reason, only knew that they were settling scores with each other? Isn't this the curse of Sicily, where men are so busy with blood feud that they have no time to earn bread for the family.

17. I think in the old fashioned way.

18. It is always better if a friend underestimates your merits, and the enemy exaggerates your shortcomings.

19. Revenge is the dish that tastes best when it gets cold.

20. We are not lawyers to give each other certified guarantees. We are people of honor.

21. Know when to stop.

22. Whiskey, gambling is one thing, even women are what the soul demands of many and which is forbidden by the fathers of the church and state. And drugs are completely different.

23. Who knows if one of the children of my grandchildren will become the governor or even the president - here, in America, nothing is impossible.

24. Life is so beautiful.

25. If I were omnipotent, I would show more mercy than the Lord.