Soon people will be cut by robots

Scientists from Intelligent Automation Inc. They created a three-armed robot that cut a man's hair. This event among robots happened for the first time, but nevertheless it casts a shadow on the future fate of hairdressers. After all, if this continues, then they will have to look for another job.

The scientists themselves did not set the task of harming hairdressers, they just wanted to show with the help of a haircut the wide possibilities of artificial intelligence, which can perform various applied functions.

The actions of the robot during the cutting were not independent, it was directed by the operator. In this experiment, the possibilities of manipulation were used, because they have not yet created such an artificial intelligence that could guide the complex movements of the robot's hands. But as a result, the scientists were satisfied with the result of their ward's work.

Of course, the haircut was not perfect. It looked like it was made by someone who first picked up a pair of scissors. After the experiment, the man had to shave baldly, with the help of real professionals.