Video art - exhibition of video installations in Perm

Video art - I first visited this exhibition of video installations in Perm, in 2009, and share my impressions. I first encountered the phenomenon of video art when I visited an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Perm. Passing from hall to hall, reading in low light information about the authors and annotations to works (many are difficult to accept correctly without explanation), to an absolutely inconceivable mix of sounds, which individually were various kinds of musical works (from Chaliapin to the Christmas anthem).

All this created the impression of penetration into parallel worlds, and several at the same time.

The attention was attracted by a toy monkey making faces. I thought it was graphics, but they told me that in Soviet times rubber toys were sold in stores, put them on my fingers and do miracles of facial expressions.

The hall was interesting, telling about the properties of water. The work of Vladislav Efimov and Sergey Denisov. (2009)

The impression was made by the installation "Shooting" by Anna Ermolaeva. The action takes place on two screens. The girl shoots the video camera, as a result the girl disappears, but the camera remains. The girl might have won, but what did she achieve?

Nam June Paik (1932-2006) - father of video art, was born in Seoul. From the annotation: “made the transition from video as a“ documentary performance ”to video art. Combined live and electronic. His work in 1971 was presented at the exhibition. (!) "TV cello". A man plays a false cello constructed from tube televisions.

The time allocated for viewing the exhibition was not enough. Sensation - multi-layered, cacophony of emotional perception of what is happening. It looks like a room of fear, where you wander in the labyrinths of nightmares invented by someone, but the worst nightmare lives in yourself, and can wake up with the projected illusions of other worlds and their incarnations.

Later, in 2012, I got to the Art-Residence for the festival of experimental-associative video "Isotope", which took place in June this year in Irkutsk, a kind of video art, the impression was heavy, I did not even wait until the end of the viewing. This art form has both its own masterpieces and complete anti-masterpieces.