Funny letters from children to God)

Funny letters from children to God, not words for comment - we read)

Do I greatly dishonor You?

Vova, class 4

Make summer come forever.

Zhora, 4 cl.

Dear God, I ask You, make it so that, starting from grandmother and ending with elephants, everyone is happy, full and shod.

Tonya, 2 cl.

I would ask my parents for cleverness, otherwise they do not understand me at all.

Nadia, grade 3

Lord, I am grateful to You for everything that You have done to me before. But help me now. My dad was sent to prison for nothing, and now he has been in prison for 8 months. I wait for him all the time. If I had the opportunity, I would have released him. I beg you, help me. This is the biggest request. Then I will never bother You. Even if you happen to die.

Ira, class 4

Give me a magic wand and I'll leave you alone.

Garik, 2 cl.

Make sure I have good handwriting, then I will write the test normally, and it’s easier for you to read my letters.

Sonya, class 2

I thought for a long time what to ask you. Maybe a dog? Then I decided why bother You over trifles. You have to ask for something very important. So, I want my mother to come home from work always cheerful and kind.

Katya, 4kl.

Let the one who I like love me, and for this I will marry her for a long time.

Vasya, class 2

They say that a person returns to earth in the form of someone. Please make me come back to earth in the form of my dog, and she in the form of me, and we will be together again.

Alyosha, class 4

Make my cannons disappear.

Galya, 3 cl.

Please let my grandmother come to see me on New Year's Eve.

Raya, 2 cl.