The most expensive food in the world

The most expensive food in the world - we help ourselves)

1. The most expensive nut in the world is macadamia. Once a staple food for the Australian aborigines, macadamia has now become a gourmet and highly nutritious treat. Only two types of these nuts are cultivated (there are plantations in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Hawaii and the southern United States). The height of the macadamia tree reaches 40 meters, it bears fruit for up to 100 years, but peeling the nut from the shell is not an easy task. Due to the difficulties with the cultivation and extraction of the delicacy, it is produced no more than 40 tons per year. The cost of one kilogram of macadamia, even in its historical homeland, exceeds $ 30.

2. The most expensive whiskey in the world - "The Macallan Fine & Rare Vintage" 60 years old, bottled in 1926 - you can not buy for any money. However, its price is known: 38 thousand dollars. Those who wish are invited to buy for more than 10 thousand an analogue of the coveted drink - "Macallan Fine & Rare" produced in 1938.

3. The most expensive coffee in the world - "Kopi Luwak" - is made from beans not of some unique type, but rather of a unique life path. "Kopi" in Indonesian means "coffee", and "Luwak" is a small animal, a species of civet, an animal of the civet family. Luwak is a small predator, but loves to feast on the ripe fruits of the coffee tree, and chooses the best ones. He eats much more coffee than he can digest.

Undigested grains, passing through the intestines of the animal, are exposed to its enzymes and, as the lovers of "Kopi Luwak" swear, acquire a unique taste and aroma. A kilogram of coffee, which Luwak helped to create, costs between $ 300 and $ 400. Most consumers of this variety, as is usually the case with all expensive food products, live in Japan.

4. Kobe Marble Beef, which is produced in Kobe Prefecture in Japan, can cost from 770 to 1000 dollars per kilogram. The best beef in the world is made from cows that receive daily massage and are fed the best grass and beer. All this provides a special tenderness to marbled meat, which can undoubtedly hit your wallet.

5. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, whose price can reach $ 2, 700 per pound. Although saffron is fairly easy to grow, it is obtained by hand picking up to 75, 000 flowers in order to get only half a kilo of spice.

6. The most expensive dessert in the world is served at the New York restaurant "Serendipity 3". It is adorned with edible gold and served in a glass decorated with a gold border and diamonds with a gold spoon also trimmed with diamonds. This magnificence is worth 25 thousand dollars. The client can take empty dishes with him.

7. It is believed that "La Bonnotte" potatoes were personally bred by the supreme god of the Incas. He is so delicate that it can only be harvested by hand. This potato costs about 500 euros per kilogram.

8. The most expensive mushroom in the world is the white truffle. There is no exact price for it because every large mushroom is auctioned. In 2007, three Hong Kong tycoons jointly bought a 750-gram mushroom for $ 209, 000.

9. Renowned pastry chef Buddy Valastro and his family have created an extraordinary wedding cake, which costs up to $ 30 million. This miracle of confectionery art was recognized as the most expensive cake in the world.

To make it the most expensive in the world, the pastry chef and his assistants decorated the cake with a lot of jewelry. The cake was adorned with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, and this piece of confectionery art was crowned with a luxurious crown.

The largest diamond that adorned this luxurious cake weighed 20 carats, and the most expensive necklace on a wedding cake was valued by jewelers at $ 7 million.

10. The most expensive caviar in the world is not black at all. This is "Almas", albino beluga caviar, occasionally exported from Iran. One hundred grams of caviar, packed in an indispensable jar of pure gold, will cost the buyer about 2 thousand dollars