Ahnenerbe - Ancestral Heritage Research Society

Ahnenerbe (German: Ahnenerbe - "Heritage of the Ancestors", full name - "German Society for the Study of Ancient Germanic History and Ancestral Heritage") - an organization that existed in Germany in 1935-1945, created to study traditions, history and heritage of the Germanic race with the aim of occult and ideological support of the functioning of the state apparatus of the Third Reich.


In 1928, Hermann Wirth published the book The Origin of Humanity, in which he argued that the origins of humanity are two protoraces: the Nordic, which is a spiritual race from the North, and the aliens from the southern continent of Gondwana, seized by low instincts, the South race. In the book, he said that animals are a special kind of creatures that, in principle, are different from humans. He contrasted a highly spiritual man and a man-beast, which is not only a non-man (like ordinary animals), but also an anti-man. The reason for the destructive processes in the society of the Nordic race ("Hyperboreans"), according to Virt, was the racial mixing of the Hyperboreans with dumb and primitive animal-like creatures that inhabited another continent - Gondwana (his views were the scientific basis for the Nazis to carry out so-called "racial hygiene" in the future) ...

The creatures from the South parodied language, as they used language concepts to subordinate them to the rough concrete of things. Their language was an anti-language, and instead of thinking and raising a specific object to an idea, the thought of animal people turns into a distortion of intellectual proportions, into the cause of mental illness - this is an anti-thought, when the fetish object itself, or even a satanic anti-god, is worshiped. or this intellectual degeneration can lead to materialism, the world of objects. He calls such creatures human-objects.

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