Napoleon's handwritten letter in English changes owner

Napoleon's handwritten letter in English has changed its owner. The letter, which Napoleon Bonaparte personally wrote on March 9, 1816, was presented at an auction. The initial price of this letter was 5 times higher than the usual one, and at the end it reached 325, 000 euros.

Several people wanted to possess the letter at once, among whom a fierce struggle broke out. The winner was the French Museum of Letters and Manuscripts, located in Paris. His representative offered the highest price for this rare artifact for possession of a letter written in an enemy language.

Napoleon was not strong in English, and therefore this message contains grammatical errors. Bonaparte addressed a letter to Count Emmanuel de Lascaz, his personal secretary, who, as you know, taught him English.

At the moment, only 3 letters from the French emperor have survived, which are written in English. The text sold at the auction was written in exile after the defeat in 1815 at Waterloo (St. Helena).

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