Harvard scientists kick a soccer ball for scientific purposes

Harvard scientists kick a soccer ball for scientific purposes, and very soon the profession of a soccer player will cease to be called idle, and the participants of this game are stupidly running after the ball across the field. And all thanks to Harvard, or rather their new development. Scientists want to create such a ball that, when playing, football players, by kicking it, were able to provide the population with electricity.

The main distinguishing feature of the new ball is the conversion of the impact force into electricity. The Americans want to start mass production of these balls, and also try to distribute them around the planet.

If you run the ball for two halves of forty-five minutes, then it will be possible to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the light bulb for as long as nine hours. This development will be especially useful in African countries, where many have never seen a light bulb.

It is reported that the generator ball is quite strong and much stronger than ordinary balls, is not afraid of moisture, and its cost is slightly higher than the usual balls.