"A Farewell to Arms" Hemingway Considered 47 Ending Options

When writing A Farewell to Arms, Hemingway considered 47 endings. A new edition of the famous Roman Ernest Hemingway "Farewell to Arms" will be released this year. The main feature of this publication will be the inclusion in it of all 47 alternative endings of the Romans, which were considered by the writer during his work on the book. Never before have these data been mentioned anywhere, so it will be interesting for readers to find out what titanic work the author of the novel did, before what was adopted by the final version.

All variants of endings will be collected in a special supplement to this edition, which will be issued in a separate book, consisting of three hundred pages. Alternative endings, written by Hemingway, could consist of several paragraphs and even all of a couple of sentences.

The ending of the book "Farewell to Arms" was not easy for the author, he rewrote the last words of Roman 40 times. These manuscripts are kept in the John F. Kennedy Library.