List of ridiculous deaths based on real events

List of ridiculous deaths based on true events. It's not funny at all. Death is always tragedy and grief. The proposed hundred of the most ridiculous deaths in the world is not entertaining reading, it is a reason to think how fleeting and short human life is. You can plan your life as much as you like, but planning your death is impossible, unless, of course, you are a suicide

Armando Pinelli, a 70-year-old resident of Italy, had a long argument with a neighbor who would sit on the only chair in the shade of a palm tree. He won the argument, after which the tree fell directly on him.

In New York, a man was run over by a car. He was not injured at all, but a passer-by who became a witness advised him to pretend to be seriously injured and demand compensation. The man agreed, but as soon as he lay down in front of the car again, it moved and crushed him to death.

Believing the rumors that her husband was cheating on her, Vera Chervak ​​from Prague rushed from the third floor and fell right on her husband, who was returning home to his beloved wife. Later she regained consciousness in the hospital, but her husband died on the spot.

Veteran climber Gerard Omel made six ascents to Everest. He died at home when, while changing the light bulb, he fell down the stairs and hit his head on the sink.

80-year-old Adelaide Magnoso pulled a folding bed out of the closet and went to bed. She died when the bed suddenly returned to its original position.

New Yorker Julia Carson died of a heart attack. So the doctors decided. The preparations for the funeral began. Suddenly, during the funeral service, she came to her senses, sat in a coffin and asked what was happening here. Her daughter Julie died on the spot from shock.

Linda Goody from Stoneheim, Massachusetts, canceled a cruise to the Caribbean because she dreamed she was dying in a car. It probably would have been better for her to go, because a few days later she was found strangled in her own car in the parking lot.

About 50 curious people gathered on the bridge of the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh City to watch the suicide of a young girl. The bridge could not bear their weight and collapsed into the river. Nine people were killed. The girl was saved.

In Hong Kong, 65-year-old Chai Wang-Fong decided to thank God for her daughter-in-law getting out of a car accident safe and sound. When she was praying in the courtyard of a multi-storey building where she lived with her son's family, she was killed by a bag of cement that fell from above.

Amygdalia Balta, 86 years old, was found starving to death in her home on the Greek island of Evia. And in the bank remained her 350, 000 pounds and a collection of 150 gold sovereigns.

Stephen Hayett at 32 underwent revolutionary stomach, liver, kidney, duodenal and pancreas transplants. Six years later, he got up on a chair to screw in a light bulb. He fell, bruised his head and died.

Syrian Najib Saddi, 35, felt so happy that he decided ... to give up his life. In a suicide note, he stated that he was completely happy, but afraid of future misfortunes.

Bonn resident Peter Gruber died while trying to rob the Museum of Art. Noticing the approaching guards, he panicked and tried to run, but, sharply turning the corner, came across the statue's meter-long sword. The exhibit was called "The Weapon of Justice".

Egyptian government worker Adel Nazim Jergez has been awaiting a promotion for eight years. Seeing at last his name on the list of "advanced", he died on the spot from a heart attack.

A driver in California was killed by a cow that flew into the windshield. In a thunderstorm, the animal entered the roadway, where a blow from a car sent it flying, which ended on the hood of a car driving in the oncoming lane.

A Ukrainian poacher threw an energized electric cable into the river. When the fish killed by the electric shock surfaced, he went into the water to collect it, forgetting to turn off the current, and died. According to reports from relatives, he was going to fry the caught fish to celebrate the first anniversary of his mother-in-law's death.

The boss and his secretary were killed by lightning while making love in an inflatable boat in the middle of a lake in Germany. The victim's widow took this as divine intervention.

A circus dwarf nicknamed Od died in a circus arena in northern Thailand. Jumping on a trampoline, he flew to the side and was swallowed by a yawning hippo, waiting to enter the arena. As the veterinarians explained, Hilda developed a reflex to large objects in her mouth, which is why she swallowed the artist.

A young French woman lost control of her car and crashed into a tree. The passenger was seriously injured, the driver died. Her attention was distracted by a Tamagotchi keychain, which suddenly squeaked, demanding food. By pressing the necessary buttons, the lady saved the life of the toy, but parted with her own.

Santiago Alvarado decided to rob a small bicycle store. Since it was dark and with his hands he was helping himself to get through the roof, he had to hold the long flashlight in his mouth. This lighting fixture caused death when the awkward robber fell facedown.

A seven-year-old boy fell off a 300-meter cliff, losing his balance. He swung on a cross that marked the place where another person died 10 years ago.

Four people were simultaneously taken to the hospital: Shelley Mueller with a head injury, Tim Vegas with a minor concussion, Brian Corcoran with serious gum injuries and Pamela Klesik without two fingers on her right hand ... Muller drove her husband to work and goodbye - in addition to kiss - for a second showed him her breasts. This was seen by Tim Vegas, the driver of a passing taxi. Carried away by the spectacle, he lost control and drove into the hospital building, where dentist Pamela Klesik examined Corcoran's oral cavity. From a strong push, the doctor jumped up and injured the patient's gum with the instrument. In shock, Corcoran closed his jaw sharply, biting off two of Klesik's fingers. Müller took a shard of a building on her head