When does a person feel mature?

When does a person feel mature? Don't know? - then we read further: According to the established opinion, the human process of maturation is associated with planting a tree, building a house and giving birth to a son. Scientists, in turn, have presented fifty additional parameters of a full-fledged maturation of personality. For example, if a person knows that after ede the dog should be washed, if necessary, he can release air from the radiator, and his mother consults with him on any question, such indicators are confirmed by the indicators. There are other signs of adult life - the acquisition of credit, marriage and the use of high-quality shoes.

These additional criteria were identified by researchers after studying and polling more than two thousand people. The conducted surveys showed that many people do not feel that they have matured until they reach at least twenty-six years. And these criteria basically relate to a mature life and craftsmanship: housekeeping, cooking, caring for the house and garden, solving financial issues and a responsible attitude towards them.

There are other factors that are highly

dull key in the definition of independence: the acquisition of housing, the creation of a family, the birth of children and what happens in life at a more mature age.