20 advantages of men over women

20 advantages of men over women - I will refrain from previews and offer to read, criticize (if girls) and just express thoughts on this matter)

1. In films, women are more often shown naked.

2. A man can go on vacation with one travel bag.

3. The queue for the men's room is always three times shorter.

4. The man himself can open all the bottles and cans.

5. The man has the same mood all month.

6. When switching channels on the TV, a man does not need to stop for more than five seconds.

7. The shape of the buttocks and the volume of the breasts of a man do not have any significance for his employment.

8. If a man is satisfied, then his partner will easily guess about it.

9. A man does not need to constantly carry with him a whole bag of essentials.

10. A man does not need to shave anything below the neck.

11. None of the colleagues is able to bring a man to tears.

12. If you are a 34-year-old bachelor, then everything is ahead of you.

13. Problems of family life can be settled with a bouquet of flowers.

14. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough for a man.

15. No one stops telling an obscene anecdote when you enter a room.

16. A man can take off his shirt if he is hot.

17. A man doesn't care if his new hairstyle gets noticed.

18. If a man gets better, friends will only respect him more.

19. Even when a man is depressed, he is unlikely to give up intimacy.

20. If another man shows up at a party dressed exactly like you, you and him can become best friends.