Bitter tears cleanse the body (Article)

Bitter tears cleanse, and violent sobs heal stress. We have known for a long time that it is good to cry sometimes. Psychologists are sure that there is no harm to the body from tears, therefore they strongly recommend not to keep everything to yourself, but at least sometimes to give vent to feelings and cry out everything that has accumulated.

Tears are a human defense mechanism. They really have a beneficial effect on our psyche, and also, thanks to lysozyme, which is part of the tear fluid, they protect against the entry of harmful microbes and bacteria into our body through the nasopharynx. Scientists say that the process of lacrimation is analgesic, brings inner relief and helps to bond with people.

As it turned out, the ability to cry people arose long before the appearance of laughter. Thanks to the process of tear production, formed during the process of evolution, man was able to survive. When crying, the protective properties of the membranes are strengthened, the lungs are trained, the nervous system is restored. With violent sobs, blood pressure returns to normal, and the optimal heart rate is restored. The eye gland contains psychotropic drugs that help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and tension. Based on all of the above, scientists unanimously advise us - cry to your health.