A Chinese shepherd guided the herd with a photo of a wolf

A Chinese shepherd managed the flock using a photograph of a wolf. The profession of a shepherd is not very relevant now, not everyone is eager to graze sheep. So many farmers have to do without them for a number of reasons: some do not have extra money to pay for shepherds, some have a lot of free time, and they can cope with this task themselves.

But is everyone able to cope with such a difficult task as commanding a herd and directing in a certain direction, making sure that the cattle do not scatter and do not stray from the herd?

The new Chinese shepherd solved all these issues in one fell swoop. More precisely, one photograph. Wolf. When he shows this image to his sheep, they take the picture for a real animal and run in the right direction.

According to the Chinese, he took this photo by accident from his camera - when he was returning from the Qinling Mountain Reserve. The idea to use the photo also came up by accident. Although many of his neighbors argue that Du Heibing is just a mean and saved on a shepherd.