What kind of bosses are leaders?

What kind of bosses are leaders? - we unsubscribe who is lucky with whom and how to solve vacation issues with employers

1. Boss Overlord

This is a man who is a desperate adventurer with a penchant for effects. For the most part, such a leader is not able to convey the information correctly. But in order to effectively communicate with him, you need to learn to admire his intelligence, desire for justice and creativity. This type of leader may be overly suspicious, so when talking with him it is better to express your thoughts more clearly.

2. Narcissus Boss

This is the so-called narcissistic leader. He constantly criticizes subordinates. He himself is, as it were, on top, does not accept constructive negotiations, does not get close to subordinates. With such a boss, you must either confidently enter into a conversation and defend your point of view with full confidence, or develop such a quality as stress resistance and try to let all his criticism pass through you. Otherwise, you will inevitably face neurosis.

3. Commoner Boss

This is a rather pleasant person on a personal level, but endowed with a certain amount of indecision. It is very difficult for him to make any responsible decisions due to his insecurity. To help him become an effective manager, you need to help him realize that there is nothing wrong with making any decisions. Human indecision is a consequence of the fear of making a mistake.

4. Tyrant Boss

He is very aggressive, likes to keep everyone and everything under control. Most employees are afraid at the sight of him. To get along with him, you need to "grease" him. You must let him know that you really appreciate his desire for complete control and are ready to help him in this.

5. Boss Motivator

Likes to give subordinates complex tasks to complete and requires them to be completed within a certain time frame. He seems to be trying to cultivate a spirit of competition in employees. When working with him, be sure to try to clarify all the nuances of the task, discuss with him the stages of completing the tasks. The more you understand the nuances and subtleties of the task, the easier it will be for you to complete it, and at the same time to please your boss.

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