A small collapse in life (

A small collapse in life ( - this small note will show how really everything is not simple, therefore it is worth deciding what is more important for you and moving towards it without paying attention to any clever people

This life is strange. You don't have a cool car and an apartment - ugh, goof. Yes, it means that the parents bought it, and if it did, then on credit. There is cash - major! If you fuck everyone to the left, to the right - fuck! And if not - impotent. There is a henpecked girl! If she is not, she is a loser. You study - nerd. If you don't study, screw it up. In absentia - means for money! If you don't work, you are a gigolo and a bummer. You go to work and hear: I have a job too, could not find something better? You sit at home - a nerd. You always hang out - you don't think about the future. Married early - a moron. Married late - a moron. Not married - a moron.