Creative people are potential psychiatrist patients

Creative people are potential patients of a psychiatrist, since it has long been known that creative people most often suffer from mental illness. Scientists are constantly conducting research to understand the reasons for this feature.

Swedish researchers from the Karolinska Institute have shown the world another article that once again proves this connection. For the experiment, the state of 1, 200, 000 people was analyzed, which included not only patients who are inpatient treatment in a psychiatric dispensary, but also those who are being treated on an outpatient basis. But they decided not to stop there and consider their families, including cousins ​​and brothers. The results of the experiment were compared with healthy people.

And here are the results: Certain mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, are common in families that have someone with a scientific or artistic inclination. It also became known that it is gifted individuals who are prone to suicidal behavior. They commit suicide 50% more often. Researchers also found a connection that many of the relatives of patients with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, autism and anorexia nervosa belonged to those who were associated with art throughout their lives.