Alpha Division Missile Commandments

The shooting commandments of the Alpha unit, for those who have not heard and does not know what this is and who is called so names)

Alpha Units or Group "A". The main task of this special unit is military operations to prevent terrorist acts, release hostages, etc. In addition, Alpha fighters are also involved in other FSB operations of special and increased complexity, and also operate in hot spots, including Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and others. In essence, there are similar special anti-terror units in many countries, for example SAS in Great Britain. Alpha Squad is known as one of the most efficient and experienced force units in the world.

1. Sweat saves blood.

2. The best weapon is the one you work with.

3. The pistol is needed in order to get to your machine gun, which did not need to be left anywhere!

4. Darkness is a friend of the trained shooter.

5. Are you afraid to use weapons in a crowd? Get on your skis!

6. Be a professional in battle, let the enemy die a hero.

7. To destroy the enemy is a craft, and to make them shoot themselves is an art.

8. No one has ever been able to miss so quickly as to defeat anyone.

9. Effective fire is accurate fire.

10. Successful coincidences reinforce bad tactics.

11. What's worth your shot is worth a second shot.

12. Nothing is more inspiring than being shot and missed.

13. The course of shooting to the coffin of the shooter cannot be beat.

14. Money, information and patrons are never too much.

15. Win and survive to win again!

16. By sending soldiers to war unprepared, we betray them.