Why do wrinkles appear? (Interesting article)

Why do wrinkles appear? is an interesting article that will answer this question. And so, despite the difference of opinion, there is no specific age for the appearance of wrinkles. Sometimes they can occur at a very young age.

What is the reason for such an unpleasant event?

Now we will try to figure it out together with you. The most common reason for the appearance of premature wrinkles is various habits that contribute to the repeated contraction of facial muscles. If you squint your eyes, laugh in a special manner or wrinkle your forehead, then rest assured that all this has a great influence on the formation of facial wrinkles. When laughing, most people experience a sharp contraction of all facial muscles and folds are formed that spread like a fan across the entire face area like a fan.

Also, the wrong position of the head during sleep may be to blame for the early onset of wrinkles. Many people are accustomed to sleeping on voluminous and high pillows, which leads to the fact that the head tilts to the chest in sleep, which cannot but contribute to the formation of wrinkles and folds in the neck and chin.

The transfer of various infectious and chronic diseases, pathologies of the endocrine and nervous systems, purely female, gastrointestinal and other diseases also play an important role in the condition of the skin on the face. They cause a weakening of the general resistance of the body, a decrease in skin elasticity and, as a result, lead to the appearance of wrinkles. Now, most girls with excellent skin suffer from the abuse of cosmetics: they apply too much foundation and powder, and also mistakenly believe that constant washing is only beneficial. Thus, they over and over again dry out the skin of the face, which also does not pass without leaving a trace, but just causes those notorious wrinkles. By the way, it must be remembered that the powder also dries the skin pretty much. All means should be used deliberately and always know when to stop.

Humanity is deeply mistaken if it believes that it is necessary to fight wrinkles only after their direct formation, but in fact, it is easier to prevent the occurrence of hated wrinkles than to hysterically search for methods to get rid of them later.