Common Fasting Myth (Interesting)

A common myth about starvation - it should be especially interesting for girls, since almost every second girl is on a diet with a thin waist in mind. But how to choose the right and most importantly effective diet? Fasting is one of the most popular diets today. Dear ladies, do not believe it. This is sheer nonsense and pure fiction. This diet may make your body lose weight in record time, but is it worth the sacrifice on its part?

First, after three days of such a diet, you get unpleasant additions to weight loss in the form of: dizziness, weakness, in severe cases of nausea and fainting. And this is just the beginning. Next comes the shutdown of brain functions with all the ensuing consequences, that is, scattered attention, not the ability to concentrate.

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Therefore, you are no longer a worker. You are irritable, aggressive, inadequate in relation to others. This leads to stress, depression and breakdown, which in most cases ends with eating something very harmful in large quantities. And the question is why it was so tormented, if the result is obviously zero or even negative (it all depends on how much you treated depression). So make your conclusions and bon appetit to you.