The most famous escapees and their prison breaks

The most famous escapees and their prison escapes - a small selection of 10 of the most incredible prison escapes, some of which even became the plot for a couple of Hollywood blockbusters!

1. Pascal Payette: escaped from prison three times by helicopter!

-Pascal Payet, or Kalashnikov Pat, went to jail for murder while robbing a collector's car. In 2001, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison and has since escaped from prison three times by helicopter! The last time, in 2007, a helicopter hijacked half an hour earlier from the Cannes resort, along with the pilot, landed on the roof of the prison, from which three of his seriously armed accomplices jumped out in search of Payette. He flew off the roof with masked accomplices. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, they released the pilot and since then no one has heard anything about Pascal or his accomplices.

2. John Dillinger: escaped prison with a fake pistol made of wood and painted black with shoe polish.

On March 3, 1934, Johnny D escaped from Crown Point (a prison from which it was considered impossible to escape at the time), which was guarded by a huge number of police officers and military of their national guard. News immediately appeared in the newspapers that Dillinger had escaped from prison with a fake pistol made of wood and painted in black shoe polish. Using this pistol, he forced the guard to open the door of his cell, and then took two hostages, gathered all the guards in his cell and locked them up, and calmly left the prison.

3. Alfie Hinds: escaped the law three times, once by simply locking the guards in the closet.

In 1953, Alfie Hines was arrested for a high-profile robbery of a jewelry store, from which $ 90, 000 in proceeds were never returned. In court, he pleaded not guilty and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

After Alfie somehow escaped from behind closed doors and a 6-meter prison wall, the public christened him Gooddini Hinds (after the famous magician and illusionist). He led an honest life as a builder and decorator until, in 1956, Scotland Yard detectives finally tracked him down and sent him back to prison after 248 days of searching. After his arrest, Hinds turned the law against the authorities, accusing the jailers of illegal arrest and successfully used the incident to escape from the courthouse. When two guards took him to the toilet and removed the handcuffs from him so that he could do his business, he shoved them into the toilet and locked them outside with a padlock (the accomplices had previously built a wooden screw into the door with a rod bent into a ring so that he could do it).

4. Julian Shotard: escaped from prison by clinging to the bottom of the van that brought him to prison.

-In 2009, French arsonist Julian Schotard escaped from prison in a bold and brazen way. He managed to escape from a group of prisoners who had just arrived at Pentonville Prison in north London. While the other prisoners passed inside, Shotard managed to dive behind the prison van that had just brought them from the Shersbrook Royal Courthouse. Julian successfully left the prison a few minutes later by clinging to the bottom of the same van. Later, he himself went to the police and surrendered to the authorities.

5. Frank Morris, Clarence and John Anglin are the only prisoners who managed to escape from Alcatraz.

-11 June 1962 Frank Morris with brothers John and Clarence Anglin successfully completed one of the most intricate escape plans ever devised. Morris and the Anglin climbed up the ventilation shaft and climbed out onto the roof through one of the chimneys. The trio then climbed down the rooftop and sailed off the island on rubber rafts. The next morning, the police searched for the fugitives in Alcatraz, but to no avail. The prison governor explained that the prisoners were not immediately missed due to placing fake heads made from a mixture of soap, toilet paper and real hair on their bunks, thus fooling the prison staff.