5 types of lies used by all women

5 types of lies used by all women - we all know that women are cunning "creatures" and that they can achieve anything if they want, but this article will not talk about much else. And it will be more useful for men, as it will help in the future with clarity to separate the truth from the reconciliation)

No matter how much you love your partner and no matter how difficult it is for you to face the truth, know that all women lie. No, we are not hopeless liars, but sometimes we just want to protect ourselves or our own men. All women lie in certain situations, and there are no exceptions. The motives for lying are different, like the lie itself. However, there are five common types of lies that all women are prone to.

1. I'm not angry with you

But this is very dangerous! Do not think that it will be so easy for you to resolve the situation. This is one of the most common types of female relationship lies. This is a phrase that provides emotional protection to a woman if she is (not) deliberately offended. If you forget about her birthday, you will hurt her. While you may not understand it, it is very important and not easy to overstep. In fairness, we note that if you look closely, it will be given out by little things. She's lying because she doesn't want to think about it.

2. I don't mind if you go to the strip bar with your friends

You've been given permission for a real bachelor party that includes a visit to a strip bar, so you can show off your super girlfriend to all your friends. But wait, think again ... If something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true. Any woman is unhappy when her man goes to look at other naked women.

This type of lie is similar to the previous one. The woman wants to create the appearance that she doesn't care and is not jealous. The opposite is true: women are extremely belligerent when it comes to their men, especially very sexy rivals. In addition, women prefer to be the center of attention themselves and the fact that you have chosen your male friends instead of them is not just not happy for them.

3. I am not ready for further relationship now

This statement is false in most cases. It may be said with the best of intentions, but it continues to be a lie. In addition to her usual excuses such as "I just ended a bad relationship" or "I focused on my career." But the truth is quite simple - if a free woman is interested in you, she will find time to meet with you. This lie complements the many excuses used to get out of unpleasant situations. Another example: "I don't want to hurt you." Hidden in the shadow of this lie is the fact: I'm not interested.

4. I don't mind paying the bill today

Not true. While this lie cannot be applied to all women, the vast majority of women still expect a man to pay the bill after a dinner together, especially if he initiated it. If you let her pay, she will immediately think that you are a miser. If you've asked a woman out on a date, you should at least offer to pay the bill. If she screams and refuses, let me pay her. But if her protest is soft and rather formal, be sure to pay yourself, or she will quickly leave you.

5. It was incredible!

This lie belongs to the sexual category. When a woman, being in a relationship with a man, completely concentrates on him, she very often convinces him that he is “the best.” Therefore, women often tell men what they think men want to hear. For example, it is not uncommon for a woman to pretend orgasm to make a man happy with himself, because he is good in bed. There are several common types of sexual lies: "Sex with you is the best in my life" or "You have the biggest cock I've ever seen." All of these good lies serve to increase your self-esteem, but are nonetheless lies.