8 Secrets of McDonald's / McDonald's

8 Secrets of McDonald's / McDonald's - pure water marketing well, maybe someone will be interested.

McDonald's is a phenomenon. The fast food chain, which is the grandmother of all fast food, is scolded by millions of people in every way for unhealthy food and eternal hustle and bustle.

McDonald's tricks, which lure you into one of thousands of poppies, force you to buy more, quickly deal with it, leave, but be sure to return:

1. "Poppies" are located where there are many loitering people, at the crossroads of major roads on the way from the center to sleeping areas, next to large universities

2. The apotheosis of attraction for children is the famous Happy Meal, which, in addition to the usual burger, potatoes and a drink, is supplemented with a small toy. And all this is packed in a bright box.

3. The company's standards clearly state that if the visitor does not announce the size of the serving of potatoes, drinks, ice cream or nuggets when ordering, then the largest one will be "made through" by default.

4. In most cases, the visitor will be offered to take something else - in corporate language this is called a "hint".

5. Drinking cold drinks with meals increases appetite. Therefore, soft drinks (cola, juice) are served with ice, while hot drinks (tea, coffee) are quite expensive.

6. If visitors stay for a long time, then there will not be enough room for new visitors and there will be less money at the box office. Therefore, McDonald's makes a lot of efforts so that you do not sit too long, but quickly get enough and leave, emptying the tables (hard chairs and not the most comfortable sofas in the world, energetic fast music, narrow aisles between tables)

7. People love the familiar, and they firmly know that today, tomorrow and five years from now, the taste of Big Mac will be the same in any restaurant of the chain, it has not changed since the sandwich appeared in 1967. Therefore, they go to the "poppy" to feel the well-known taste. But people also love new things - from time to time new offers appear on the menu at McDonald's.

8. Fast and inexpensive