Dean Karnazes - the man who ran 560 km without stopping

Dean Karnazes - the man who ran 560 km without stopping, and now in more detail. Dean Karnazes (USA), 42, owner of a healthy food company, ran 560 kilometers non-stop.

About two years ago I ran 419 km - ten marathon races in ten days. So the first 80 km I don't care. I run the marathon distance purely for warm-up.

Kilometer 160

The body starts to ache.

Kilometer 224

I frayed the first pair of custom-made sneakers. Quads, calves, torso begin to ache. The pain is dull, but sometimes it suddenly turns into spasms. The calves are especially affected - it feels like they were beaten with a hammer.

Kilometer 320

Already two nights without sleep. I'm exhausted. But when you run all night, at dawn you find a second wind.

Kilometer 336

Killed the second pair of sneakers. The head works poorly. It feels like I’m looking at my body from the side. The sight is deplorable.

Kilometer 480

Third night without sleep. I run as if delirious, looping from side to side. Every now and then I am carried onto the roadway. The drivers honk. At 2 am I fall asleep for about forty seconds: right on the go, without interrupting my run. Do you know the children's book "Where the Wild Animals Are"? I began to hallucinate: it seemed that raccoons and possums on the side of the highway turn into monsters from a book. The assistants poured icy water on my head.

Kilometer 488

It hurts so much that I scream. Runnin 'down the deserted highway and scream Then I realize the comic nature of the situation, and unrestrained laughter makes me feel. I stop laughing - I start screaming again. And again it becomes funny to me. I guess I look like a madman.

Kilometer 496

Death march, death march, death march. I throw all thoughts of kilometers out of my head and concentrate on only one thing: left-right, left-right ... I shuffle my soles on the asphalt. I'm changing into a fourth pair of sneakers. The main thing is not to go astray.

Kilometer 544

Suddenly I come to life. I let it go at a speed of 16 km / h. Like a man possessed. Actually, it's not even me running - my body is running, and I am floating on top. I don’t feel my legs, I don’t feel anything. I literally fly through the air.

Kilometer 560 (Oct 15 10:44 PM Stanford, CA)

The buzz is incredible. Lost 3 kilograms. Burned 40 thousand calories. A few minutes after the finish, the body goes numb from hypothermia. They put me in a special sleeping bag. I only remember how someone fed me hummus from a spoon. Then the failure. I slept all night and woke up safely in the morning.