20 things a man should never do

20 things that a man should never do, we read, remember and do not repeat the mistakes that others have passed and laid out for you.

1. Rely on the fact that the girl will not rummage in your phone

2. Hoping that new tight shoes are carried

3. Take seriously what crying women say

4. Do business with friends

5. Go to the casino to earn money

6. Being married, showing off your adventures in front of your buddies

7. Sunbathe on the first day of rest

8. Eat expired food

9. Go to Russian blockbusters

10. Having risky sex with a stranger

11. Skip the gas station on the highway

12. Confess to treason

13. Keep military weapons at home for fun

14. Trust one doctor

16. Trying to endure a toothache or depression

17. Agree to watch other people's vacation videos

18. Check in luggage to the final destination with two transfers

19. Trying threesome with a regular girlfriend

20. Ride summer tires in winter