Perfume in capsules to be swallowed (2012)

Perfume in capsules that must be swallowed - it would seem like this is possible, but today a lot is possible and many specialists work just to surprise their customers with something new. And this invention in the world of perfumery will probably make a real revolution, since now scientists are intensively developing perfumes that can be taken inside in the form of capsules.

Invented by Harvard biologist Sheref Muncie and Australian creative designer Lucy McRae, these miracle pills allow human skin to emit a genetically unique fragrance.

How do they work? Perfume molecules are released through the pores of the skin when a person sweats. "The potential of a scent is determined by the reaction of each individual to temperature, stress, exercise or sexual arousal ... By absorbing perfume, the skin becomes its platform, a spray bottle, " - wrote on the website of Lucy McRae.