It was for these "sins" that Kadaffi was killed (Interesting article)

It was for these "sins" that Kadaffi was killed, and how the country developed under the rule of Kadaffi.

1. Having come to power, he expelled from the country int. corporations.

2. Closed NATO military bases

3. GDP per capita - $ 14, 192.

4. For each family member, the state pays $ 1, 000 in subsidies per year.

5. Unemployment benefit - $ 730.

6. Salary of a nurse - $ 1, 000.

7. For each newborn, $ 7, 000 is paid.

8. The newlyweds are given $ 64, 000 for the purchase of an apartment.

9. For opening a personal business, one-time financial assistance - $ 20, 000.

10. Large taxes and levies are prohibited.

11. Education and medicine are free.

12. Education and training abroad - at the expense of the state.

13. A chain of stores for large families with symbolic prices for basic food products.

14. For the sale of products with an expired shelf life - heavy fines and detention by special police units.

15. Part of pharmacies - with free dispensing of drugs.

16. For counterfeiting drugs - the death penalty.

17. The rent is absent.

18. There is no payment for electricity for the population.

19. The sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited - "dry law".

20. Loans for the purchase of a car and an apartment are interest-free.

21. Real estate services are prohibited.

22. The state pays for the purchase of a car up to 50%, for the militia fighters - 65%.

23. Gasoline is cheaper than water. 1 liter of gasoline - $ 0, 14

Only under Muammar did the negroes of southern Libya acquire human rights.

During the forty years of his reign, the population of Libya has tripled.

Child mortality decreased 9 times.

Life expectancy in the country has increased from 51.5 to 74.5 years.

Gaddafi decided to withdraw Libya from the global banking system and 12 more Arab countries wanted to follow his example.