Interesting note on the windshield of a car

An interesting note on the windshield of the car - which did not scare the owner's car. This note was found on the windshield of a car and was handed over to the duty station of the police department by a frightened car owner. Strongly written!


Your car "Toyota-Lexus" state. No. 307-56 is located in the parking lot near the house on the street. Lermontov, 10.

Every night, the residents of this house are forced to listen for several hours to a variety of melodies emitted by the burglar alarms of your car. During this time, you have never deigned to remotely or directly cancel the alarm, having the opportunity to do so. But you are completely unable to wake up and turn off your "siren" after your nightly orgies.

I have a huge request to you: to treat people who live next to you with respect and try to continue to control the sounds made by your new beautiful car. In the coming days, I strongly recommend that you make it a rule to promptly turn off false alarms emitted by the security system of your car at the slightest extraneous sounds, such as: the passage of a patrol car along this parking lot, barking of stray dogs, short-term alert alarm in a nearby car, etc.

If my request is not satisfied in the near future (two days), and if the "alarm" signal is turned off for 10 minutes, your luxury car will suffer the following fate:

First, with a sharpened drill, I almost silently break through the glass of the driver's door, get into the cabin and press the button to open the hood. If the alarm does not give a command to unlock the lock, then I, by means of a mount, will slightly raise the hood and, through the formed gap of 2 cm, I will bite the hood lock locking unit with hydraulic scissors, enter the engine compartment and break the plastic "siren" of your e ... alarm. Then I'll rip out the ignition wires and put my "spider" of wires with the pulse processor.

Following the "siren" will fly and bitten locks on the steering wheel and pedals. Then I connect a hose from a 5-liter canister of gasoline to the fuel injection system, throw it right under the hood. There I will also stretch a "lash" of wires to bypass the electrical system. In a minute I will transfer the cylinder of the “Multi-Lock” lock on the gearbox with the hydraulic discs and start the engine. In two minutes and twenty seconds I will leave the parking lot in your Lexus.

After a week of unsuccessful search, when the power supply of the immobilizer goes down, I will pull the car, submerged in a secluded place, out of the river, find a used ... immobilizer and do preventive maintenance on it in a rented garage. And in a week, your former car will beep with a new alarm at another fagot like you, in another yard, in another city, where, fortunately, I will not be at that moment.

You have two days left for reflection. During this time, I will try to improve my skills and try to steal your car in 53 seconds, like the one ... "Lincoln - Navigator" that gave night concerts under the windows of ... my mother's apartment. "