Windows 8 could catalyze attacks on hardware

Windows 8 can become a catalyst for attacks on hardware, or rather an impulse for the development of malware that will be directed to influence the details of a computer.

Now the Windows 8 operating system is positioned as one of the most secure, but McAfee experts in the forecast for 2012, say that these measures will cause a surge in the development of programs designed to directly harm the "hardware" - the stuffing of the computer.

All security enhancements in Windows 8 can be minimized by using older BIOS versions, experts say.

It should be noted that such pessimistic forecasts are being built even before the official release of the new operating system.

Meanwhile, Intel is working to create a single, extensible firmware interface capable of providing secure boot. Analysts are unanimous in the opinion that this event will also be an impetus for the development of new malicious software by hackers. Low-level commands for managing botnets are most likely to be used.