What is the airplane trace in the sky? (The article will talk about this)

What is the airplane footprint in the sky? As often in the sky, especially near airports, you can see bizarre narrow and long clouds. They can overlap and cross, thus forming incredible patterns in the sky. These milky white stripes can suddenly break off anywhere in the sky. Now we understand perfectly well that these are not natural clouds, but traces from air giants and airplanes. Seeing such a trail, a professional pilot will simply say that the plane has climbed too high.

Why is this phenomenon happening? Airplanes that fly low enough do not leave a white trail behind them, but once the plane climbs higher, we can trace its path along the bright, white mark.

As you know, more water vapor is concentrated in the atmosphere, from which, in fact, clouds are formed. Small particles, such as a saw, are sufficient to form a cloud or fog. But at high altitudes, there is simply no dust, therefore, the formation of a cloud there is simply not possible. It’s a different matter when a colossus rises into the atmosphere, which carries with it both dust and many different particles that fly out of the aircraft engine along with the gas. It is around such particles that water vapor concentrates, forming a long, narrow cloud, which we can see from the ground.