Mind games our brain plays with us

Mind Games in which our brain plays with us - an interesting article that has absorbed the main combinations of games. The brain is one of the most complex organs in the entire human body. Sometimes he is our best friend, for example, when there is a lot of information to be memorized. But also, there are times when our own brain makes fun of us, sending strange thoughts or notions. The games our brains play with us are as entertaining as they are scary. Let's try to figure them out.

Game one, or you can't easily get a fish out of the pond

Our head is often visited by the thought, they say, I would be much happier if I didn’t need to work so much, if I could have more rest, spend more time on satisfying my personal needs than on work. But a person who at least once had to be in complete inaction and rest from work understands what boredom it is, such a state can plunge a person into depression. By nature, a man is a doer. For a normal psychological state, a person simply needs various kinds of mental and physical activity. In order for your work to bring happiness, try to find a craft that will be 100% yours, and then you simply will not dress up to suffer from an excess of work.

Game two, or everyone around is to blame, and I'm white and fluffy

Our brains are used to blaming anyone for all our misfortunes, but not ourselves. In fact, justifying ourselves, we often say that our environment, family, parents or work are to blame. Thus, we isolate ourselves from the problem, and do not try to take responsibility for ourselves. By scattering accusations around, we not only spoil our psyche, but also disrupt our relationships with others. It is important to understand that exactly at the moment when you take control of your life and solve your problems yourself, and not shift them onto others, then you will begin to build your happiness.

Game three, or tell me all the secrets

It is regrettable, but the secret of happiness simply does not exist. Anyone who convinces you otherwise just wants to make money from this statement. Each person has his own happiness and he builds it in his own way, through trial and error. Accepting the fact that you yourself will dress up to build your well-being will bring you a few steps closer to the top.

Game four, or if I had this, then this too, I would ...

Very often our brain tells us that if we had, say, another, car, job or family, we would be absolutely happy. Here it is worthwhile to understand that, firstly, you cannot get absolutely everything you want without making efforts, and secondly, you will still get what you lacked for happiness, you will definitely find something new, without which your happiness will not be complete. Psychologists advise looking for happiness in simple things, in everyday affairs, and the people around you.

Game 5, or I'm fine anyway

Many people think that everything is fine in their life, and they do not need changes. Yielding to this opinion, you deliberately inhibit your mental and physical development. No matter how good it is now, maybe it will be better later, remember this. Deliberate resistance to change can lead to imminent failure. Remember that modern life does not stand still, it is improving all the time, and if you reject change, you arrange and soon become uninteresting.

Game six, either today or once

It often happens that a person stops a few steps from a dream. In fact, this is a protective reaction of the brain. A person succumbs to panic and ceases to believe in himself, believing only in defeat. Such thoughts should be swept aside right away, in fact, you are capable of such things that you did not even imagine, you just have to overcome doubts and take a few steps that separate you from your dreams.

Game 7, or risk is not for me

By constantly checking and rechecking, you postpone the actual process of action. While you are thinking, weighing the pros and cons, someone will bring your idea to life. It is important to understand that at the beginning of each case, you cannot be 100% sure how it will end. A certain amount of risk is present almost everywhere, and even if your endeavor was unsuccessful, well, it happens, at least you have tried, which is still better than not trying and then doubting.

Game eighth, or if you really want to and can't, you still can't.

Indulging your weaknesses will not lead to anything good. By following the desires of your body, you harm yourself and your health. A lot of what you want is still harmful things, such as a cigarette, alcohol, or extra food. The brain is always looking for excuses for us, cigarettes help me lose weight or cope with stress, alcohol makes me forget great love, food makes me happier, this is all nonsense, in fact, all this can be achieved with more useful actions and things. You just need to stop looking for excuses for your bad habits and try to fight them.

The last game, or not with me, not in this life ...

Our brain tells us, look, everyone around is so lucky, but not for you, why such a life? And often we believe, but only if we stop and take a closer look, it becomes clear that the luck of others is the result of hard and painstaking work. It is worth trying to make an effort and luck will pass to you.