Little things that lifted the spirits in childhood (Article)

Little things that lifted the spirits in childhood, I think each of us experienced all these feelings.

50 little things in life:

1. Immerse your hands in a bowl of raw rice

2. Find a potato fried to a crisp state in a serving of fried potatoes

3. Cover yourself with goose bumps from the music you hear

4. Go to bed with fresh sheets

5. Go through the box with your children's toys and things

6. Lie in bed and listen to heavy raindrops drumming on the roof or windowsill

7. Remove from the hand, like a second skin, the dried layer of PVA glue

8. Remove the plastic film from the item you just bought

9. Put on clean new socks

10. Put on glasses immediately after wiping the glasses

11. Watching a movie in an empty cinema hall

12. Notice strangers standing nearby laughing while listening to your conversation with friends

13. Wash your hair for the first time after a haircut

14. Sit on the couch after a day on your feet

15. Take off your socks right before going to bed

16. Crying with laughter

17. Feel the sand between your toes

18. Turn the pillow over to the cool side

19. Wake up in the middle of the night and realize that it is too early and you can sleep on

20. First time to put on shorts after winter

21. Turn on the radio, and your favorite song is playing there

22. Separating the cookies with a filling and eating that very filling.

23. The first hot bath after maintenance work for a month.

24. Wake up from the smell of coffee in the morning.

25. Inhale the first frosty air so that it begins to pinch in the nose.

26. First look at the sea in the new year.

27. Touches of the hairdresser.

28. Smell before a thunderstorm.

29. Smell of cut grass.

30. The smell of frosty air from the window.

31. Feeling the hair between the fingers while running through the girl's hair.

32. The crackle of a night fire.

33. Fly by car through a deep and long puddle causing a fountain of splashes.

34. Slide the cat over the belly when he stretches.

35. Dive into the sea for the first time this summer

36. Inhale the scent of pine in the hot sun

37. Run on the hot sand

38. Look at the first snow that falls against the blue sky

39. First kiss after a long separation

40. Fall asleep with a purring cat on your chest

41. Run barefoot through puddles

42. Hear the distant rumble of the first thunder

43. Drive along the highway between huge fields and try to make out the horizon

44. Look at the stork soaring in the sky

45. Catch the first fish faster than the rest

46. ​​Wake up on June 1 and understand that there are three months of vacation ahead

47. Breathe in the aroma of the first lilies of the valley

48. See your mom after a long separation

49. Lying in a snowdrift on your back and making a "butterfly"

50. Cry after a good movie