10 reasons to quit working in large companies

10 reasons to refuse to work in large companies. This selection includes the nuances that have been collected by various people and have been confirmed by experts, but we have laid it out for general review.

1.You will always receive much less than what you actually earned.

Even when you sell thousands of software products, and terabytes of the Internet, in any case, you will receive only the salary that will provide you with food and shelter. You will have several vacations. You will also be given 2 or 3 business trips abroad, the purpose of which is to improve your image in a specific industry, from which the company will benefit. And for you, this is just a certain monetary substitute.

2.You will never get a career that satisfies you, never.

Think about how many leadership layers are above you, and then you can understand how much strength you need to overcome the internal resistance of the company. You will get out by playing. But, working - you are unlikely to succeed.

3. You will lose your emotions.

It is not customary to be happy or envious in offices. All the same, it will remain inside you, gradually fading away, and on your face you will simply stop showing it. Boredom will be your new mask.

4.You will learn not to hear people talking to you.

Most experienced office workers stare at a laptop or smartphone as soon as they start talking to them. You will learn to check your email regularly and believe that there is a LOT of things that depend on you and that you are VERY busy.

5. You will spend 12-14 hours at work.

But you won't be working. Or you can squeeze from yourself for 2-3 hours. You will convince yourself that you are doing very important work, that you are very busy, and that everyone can see it. But, in the secret, every employee knows that he is surrounded by idlers, and behaves in the same way. The most important thing is not to arouse the suspicion that work is only a means of achievement, and that you have something else in your life.

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6.You will get used to the working pace of the company and forget how to be daring.

Quite recently, you were annoyed that someone prepares a commercial proposal for a whole week, and the agreement hangs on approval for a whole month. After a while, you will no longer understand the actual course of things and will become the same.

7.You will develop office worker syndrome.

You will often get sick with various colds. They will immediately explain to you that the reason for this is air conditioners, and you should not worry. After all, the insurance does not disappear. At the same time, you will begin to enjoy your illnesses.

8. You will love toilets and become addicted to caffeine.

Coffee in the morning, before afternoon tea, before lunch, after dinner, coffee until 5 o'clock tea, before going home ... Smokers should add coffee to each cigarette to this list. Only toilets save, when you don't feel like drinking coffee at all. If there is a special smoking room, it means that the main headquarters, a meeting room, a meeting room are located here.

9.You will collect credits.

When you start work, you will want a car, just like other colleagues. You will buy it on credit, piously believing that "I will not take an apartment for 30 years for sure." But after a couple of years of systemic cash receipts on your card, your sense of self-preservation will dull, and you will get into debt that seemed impossible to you yesterday.

10.You will become overweight.

There will immediately be explanations - a sedentary lifestyle, stress ... But, in fact, all this is because your brain and body will do work that does not require a lot of calories. You will carry sugar cookies from coffee points, and wash them down with coffee and sugar 10 times a day. You will dine with tasteless business lunches prepared from yesterday's leftovers. Such food is not healthy because it is cooked without love.