Tricks to help argue with a woman in an argument

Useful man's tricks that help to argue with a woman in an argument, since any man can find himself in a situation where his trousers are pulled down at the moment when, in theory, they should have been in place. Or when you did a zag instead of a zig. Well, or when your words turned out to be completely inappropriate, even despite your best intentions ...

And it doesn't matter what type you are - an average man who is not prone to confrontation, a self-confident dork, or a weak, weak-willed rag - you will from time to time be involved in a long (or not so) relationship with the fair sex. That is, with women. Therefore, we can say with confidence that in any relationship, you will have to argue with your companion many times. And, in her opinion, you must definitely lose in an argument. But, you are not going for a walk around the city at night in a crumpled shirt and without money? Accordingly, you should not sort things out without being armed.

The surest way to keep your face in an argument with a woman is to be constantly ready for it. After all, if there is an opportunity to avoid a situation where you will be cornered by your own woman, then why not take advantage of it? And do not even try to give any logical arguments in the dispute - they are all doomed to failure! The reason is very simple - a woman will never admit that she is wrong. Remember, the truth is not at all what they want to hear from you. The outcome of the argument does not depend on how much she is wrong or how convincing you are. Therefore, the main trick is to convince a woman that she is right, while you yourself prove that you are right.

The art of fighting is unchanged, no matter how you imagine winning an argument. Using some tricks, you will always be the winner in any disputes with your passion.

Become the man who always hears her

Let the woman just speak out or scream if she has such a desire. And when the time comes for you to defend yourself, then quote her words and expressions. This way, she will understand that you heard her and accepted her point of view. Then you will not need to come up with any veiled moves, and she, in turn, will decide that you are the most attentive and wonderful listener in the whole district. Become an exception to all men who have a reputation for not listening.

1.Never raise your voice

Be sure to watch your voice when an argument breaks out. It doesn't matter what was the reason - the offer to buy ice cream (regarded as your desire for her to get fat), or vice versa - that you forgot to offer ice cream (regarded as a sign that she is already fat). Always speak quietly, regardless of the arguments you use in your defense. As you continue to radiate calmness, her anger will gradually dissipate. Celebrate your victory from the very moment when she starts talking to you in the same key.

2.Do not let deviate from the topic of controversy

Never give in to provocation - do not change the topic of the dispute. It doesn't matter what exactly caused it: restaurant reservations, musical tastes, films with Johnny Depp, or a message from the President of America to Congress. Your victory directly depends on how easily you give your opponent a chance to use an off-topic counterargument prepared in advance, because, in this way, he will be able to express his disagreement. Watch this carefully, because, subsequently, your dispute can turn into a showdown in general.

3.Play on the emotions

Both men and women often rush into battle for one simple reason - they are overwhelmed with emotions. Well, take them and set them free, despite the fact that from early childhood they tried to hammer us into our heads to restrain ourselves, no matter how painful it was at the same time. Forget it. Stubbornly defend your point of view, but, at the same time, do not be afraid to show that evil words hurt you. The best man of all, for a woman, is a determined man who, in the heat of an argument, is not afraid to show his feelings. In doing so, you will always remain a winner.

4.Be a winner as soon as you admit you are wrong

Very often, winning a dispute is related to its consequences, and not to itself. Once you admit you're wrong, she can never win. Leave your pride somewhere outside the door. There are times when it doesn't matter at all whether you won or lost. In such situations, pretend to be defeated. And let your opponent jump around you as much as he pleases. The judges sometimes have great sympathy for the loss of consciousness from a blow. On points, after the votes are counted, the victory will be yours.


Often men, at the moment of an argument, are ready to break off relations - as they say, holding their hand on the red button. In this determination, they differ from young youths. If you decide to return to normal life (for which you should destroy the existing connection between you), or the victory in this dispute is worth breaking your relationship, then you can safely go personal. Just remember the main thing: there will be no turning back. After all, relations destroyed in this way are practically impossible to restore.

6.In dispute name

Let the woman believe what she wants to believe. And remember that it is nature itself to protect everything that he believes in a person. Treat any dispute between you with a grain of salt. And then you can always become a winner. After all, men often prove their case only in order to prove that they, in principle, are capable of winning. And this desire often fails them, because then they simply do not notice what is at stake. When a man spends all his time getting along with a girl completely or doing more pleasant things (for example, having sex), then there will simply be no room for arguments in their relationship.