Interesting facts about kissing (17 facts)

Interesting facts about kissing, for those who are tired of everyday facts and want to read something more romantic)

17 facts about kissing:

1. An excellent prevention of wrinkles is such a workout as a kiss. It makes 29-34 muscles of the face work.

2. Kisses increase immunity, since during a kiss there is an exchange of substances such as salts, fats, proteins.

3. During a kiss, 66 percent of people close their eyes. The other 34 percent admire their partner's reactions with their eyes open.

4. A woman exchanges kisses with about 80 men before she gets married.

5. About 2-3 calories are burned during a romantic kiss. During a French kiss, five or more calories are burned.

6. Fingers have 200 times less sensitivity than lips.

7. Those men who kiss their wives before going to work live 5 years longer.

8. According to recent reports, 90 seconds of a passionate kiss shortens life by one minute. This is due to the fact that during such a kiss, the pressure rises, the level of hormones in the blood and the pulse quickens.

9. The longest kiss lasted 30 hours, 59 minutes 27 seconds. This competition was won by American couple Rich Langley and Louise Almodovar on January 28, 2002.

10. In the homeland of the French kiss, a kiss that involves not only the lips, but also the tongue is called "merging of souls". This kiss is the famous French kiss. But the sensual French did not stop there, and created another version of the magic kiss, in which only tongues are involved.

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11. The kiss of the Eskimos is not as easy as it seems at first glance. After all, the inhabitants of the Far North do not just rub their olfactory organs - when they touch, they open their lips, inhale together, and then exhale, while compressing their lips. After the lovers have enjoyed each other's scent, they press their nose to the partner's cheek, and freeze in this position for several minutes.

12. Quite intriguing is the kiss of the people of Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China. Kissing in full view is not accepted there. The kiss in these countries is reminiscent of the kiss of the pioneers of the late 70s - they face each other, while maintaining a certain distance, and bend over to kiss. At the same time, their hands are at the seams! For only a split second, they touch their lips to each other. One gets the impression that such a ceremony was specially invented for the edification of the Europeans, and contrasts strongly with their overly "adult" caresses.

13. Kissing, partners are filled with a sense of happiness, joy and delight. This is due to the fact that in the body, at the moment of a kiss, a substance is produced that is 200 times higher than the narcotic effect of morphine ..

14. Cope with stress, and a kiss will help women relax.

15. The average person spends two weeks / 20, 160 minutes of their life kissing.

16. In one minute of kissing, 26 calories are burned.

17. The first kiss in life occurs in 50 percent of people before the age of 14.