Useless Human Body Parts (Article)

In the human body, there are several completely useless organs that do not perform more than one function that is important for human life. And if the functions of some organs simply weakened with the passage of evolution, then some organs once did not have at least some important functions. Charles Darwin used the existence of such organs as a confirmation of his evolutionary theory. Below are five of the most conspicuous, useless organs in the human body.


As you know, people who have lost their appendix are no different from everyone else. In 2009, scientists conducted a series of studies and found that this appendix of the cecum may have once been an important part of the digestive system, but has now completely lost all its functions. For example, in herbivorous vertebrates, it is still involved and performs an important function in the digestion of food. Studies have shown that if the appendix had not lost its primary function, we could be a repository of microorganisms that would help a person digest.


The tail was the ancient progenitor of the tailbone. Guided by Darwin's theory, every inhabitant of the earth has an ancestor with a tail. All current “tailed” ones use their tail in one way or another, some to maintain balance, some to move through trees, but after a person stood on two nago, the tail atrophied as unnecessary, leaving only a few bones fused together at the end of the spine to solder the person.

Male nipples

The presence of nipples, men are obliged to early intrauterine development, when you conceive simply, without having sex, just in case, develops a pair of nipples, well, the future. That is why it is impossible to determine the sex of a child in the early stages of pregnancy. Only at a certain stage, the testosterone hormone begins to affect the fetus, and it is finally determined in its preferences, and begins to develop either as a girl or as a boy, but the nipples still remain. By the way, there are cases of complete or partial development of malignant glands in men, some were even diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hair on the body or Erector Pili What a modern person thinks when forming "goose bumps" is correct that he is frozen, but this is not 100% true. When animals with thick fur develop "goose bumps", their fur rises "on end", thereby slightly increasing the size of the animal. This effect is possible when the animal is in fear or panic. Our more hairy ancestors used the hairline for this, and perhaps for heating. Now, when a person has acquired clothes, this function of the hairline on the body has completely disappeared.

Wisdom Teeth

For a modern person, wisdom teeth are simply useless, and bring more trouble than good. Wisdom teeth are a kind of inheritance from our ancestors who had jaws much larger than ours. For a primitive man, teeth that appeared by the middle of his life (by the age of 22 - 25) were very useful, since most of the teeth had already worn out by this time, due to insufficient attention to the oral cavity and chewing rough food.

All these statements are based only on external factors, but I believe that everything in the human body is not casual and there is no superfluous, the article was published only as an introductory material.