Akinetopsia is the inability to perceive movement

Akinetopsia is an inability to perceive the movement of objects and is a disorder in the gyrus of the brain. Imagine you are standing at the corner of a busy street and waiting for a green traffic light. And instead of flickering passing cars, you see only one stationary car. You blink, trying to get rid of the glamor, but the street is still frozen.

This is called "akinetopsia" or "inability to perceive movement." With the eyes of such a patient, everything is in order, the problem lies in damage to the extrastriatal cortex (located in the middle temporal gyrus; approx. Mixstuff.ru). The reasons can be different: from brain injury to side effects after taking certain antidepressants.

A person with akinetopsia sees an immobile car as usual. If the car starts to move, it is perceived as a sequence of separately taken frames. And if the speed is high enough, then the car will become completely invisible.

Watching a sports match will seem like a set of strange postures for some unknown reason of sweating people. Every person who enters the room is a poltergeist who has come out of nowhere. Moving in a crowd, a patient with akinetopsia has to anticipate the movements of others in order to avoid awkward situations.

But the strangest thing is water. Imagine that the jet suddenly became motionless for you. You will not be able to fill the glass - you will just see it empty all the time. Even putting a signature is a problem, since you are not able to follow the movements of your own hand.