20 qualities of strong people (Interesting article)

20 qualities of strong people - an interesting article about the inherent qualities of strong people, not just physically strong but spiritually.

Strong people like that:

1. seek and find opportunities where others give up.

2. Learn from what others see as failure.

3. Make informed decisions.

4. Constantly and consciously build the road to their own success, while others wait for success to find them on its own.

5. Are afraid just like everyone else, but do not let their fear rule them. Fear is just fear.

6. Ask the right questions - the ones that complete the answer.

7. don't complain - it's a waste of energy.

8. Don't shift the blame. They take full responsibility for their actions and results.

9. not necessarily have a fantastic talent, but always find a way to maximize their potential. They demand more of themselves.

10. Busy, productive and punctual. In all places where everyone is just messing around, pretending to work and reasoning - they are working.

11. rob like-minded people around themselves - nothing helps in achieving the goal as much as a close-knit team.

12. ask themselves the question - why not me. This allows you not to go with the flow.

13. know how they want to see their life, and make it so, while others just look at their lives from the outside.

14. do not imitate, but look for new ways.

15. do not procrastinate, which means they do not spend their lives waiting for something.

16. learn all their life. Any life experience is a lesson.

17. are optimistic, and therefore see benefits in everything.

18. do what they have to, no matter how they feel at the moment.

19. take risks - financially, emotionally, professionally, psychologically.

20. do not go away from problems, but turn to face them.