Porsche designed tanks for Hitler (Interesting article)

Porsche Designed Tanks for Hitler - an interesting article on the development of a tank for Hitler's Germany. Many of us know or have heard about the famous German car VolkswagenBeetle (Beetle). But not many people know that this car has an incredible past.

Adolf Hitler proposed to create a car that would accommodate five people and could reach speeds of up to 100 km / h. Much later this car became known under the name "Volks-Wagen", which means "People's car".

The development of the Beetle at that time was taken over by Ferdinant Porsche, who after that became the founder of the world famous design company PorscheBuro. But in addition to cars, Porsche was engaged in the development of such not little-known since the Second World War, such as the Tiger and Tiger 2.

One of the very first Porsche cars is the Porsche 356, which was created by Ferdinant Porsche's son, Feri. As of January 2009, Porcshe owns a 51% stake in Volkswagen, and it was planned to increase it to 75% by the end of the same year.