Undisclosed historical facts

Undisclosed historical facts about which few have heard. Now there is such an opportunity to get acquainted.

1. Henry VIII was married six times, four of which he annulled.

2. The idea of ​​creating a handkerchief belongs to King Richard II.

3 Darwin was married to his cousin, they legalized their marriage through a written denial of their relationship

4. In 1939, William Hitler's nephew Adolf secretly immigrated to the United States from his uncle, and volunteered to fight against Nazi Germany.

5. The longest war in the history of mankind was between Scilly and the Netherlands, it lasted 435 years from 1651 to 1986.

6. The Parliament of Iceland is considered the oldest, since the date of foundation is 930.

7. The island of Sark in the flesh until 2008 was considered a feudal state, and was recognized as the last in Europe.

8. The government of Rome officially legalized homosexual marriage, and the emperor Nero himself was married to men 2 times.

9. The ancient Egyptians used slabs as pillows.

10. According to the unofficial version, the glasses were invented by the Greeks over 700 years ago.

11. In 1895, New Zealand was the first to give the right to elect to Women. At that time, it was the only country where women had the right to vote.

12. Charles II had a large number of mummified bodies of famous rulers (pharaohs). He naively believed that they were giving him their strength and power, so he even courted them.

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