Interesting facts about Nuremberg

Every year, the largest Christmas market in all of Europe is held in Nuremberg.

Nuremberg is a city of inventors. It was he who gave the world such things as a pocket watch, a globe, a compass, a thimble and a lathe.

In Nuremberg, there is the "Beautiful Fountain", which depicts forty of the most prominent historical figures in Germany.

Nuremberg is included in the list of the richest and most economically developed cities not only in Germany, but throughout Europe (see interesting facts about Germany).

The first railway in Germany was opened here in 1835.

The world's first mass production of sewing needles was established in this city in the 14th century. Before that, sewing needles were hand-made pieces.

The Germans themselves call Nuremberg "the city of sausages", "the city of gingerbread" and "the city of toys".

In winter, temperatures in Nuremberg can drop to -30 degrees. In the summer, it used to rise to +40. What to do - continental climate.