Interesting facts about Chekhov

Many people know that Chekhov signed his early works with the name "Antosha Chekhonte", but few people know the curious fact that this writer had more than fifty different pseudonyms.

For about five years Chekhov, out of necessity, worked as a so-called "ghost writer" - he wrote books for other writers for money.

There is a myth that Chekhov was short. This is not true - the growth of the writer was 182 centimeters.

Another famous writer, Ivan Bunin, was a close friend of Chekhov.

Of all his contemporary writers, Chekhov respected Leo Tolstoy most of all, always speaking of him only respectfully and enthusiastically.

Chekhov was very fond of dogs. He had two dachshunds named Brom Isaich and Hina Markovna.

On the first planet of our system, Mercury, there is a crater named after Chekhov (see interesting facts about Mercury).

There is a monument to Peter the Great in Taganrog. What does Chekhov have to do with it? Despite the fact that it was he who convinced the Taganrog authorities to erect this monument.

Chekhov was an amateur philatelist - he collected stamps.

Chekhov's grandfather was a serf peasant, but he bought himself and his family, thus gaining freedom.

There is a monument to Chekhov in Germany (see interesting facts about Germany).

Various works of Chekhov were filmed about two hundred times.

There is a literary publishing house in New York named after Chekhov.

Chekhov disliked translations of his works into other languages.

Once Chekhov climbed to the top of Vesuvius volcano (see interesting facts about volcanoes).