The most expensive toys in the world

The cost of quality toys is sometimes scary. But there are collectible items for the price of which you can buy a car or home. Unique plush bears, dolls and miniature cars like magnets attract collectors willing to pay fabulous sums for an exclusive.

Toy Train

The Märklin steam locomotive appeared in 1906. When the auction took place in South Kensington, the toy was redeemed for $ 179, 140. The length of the locomotive, which once produced real smoke from the chimney, was three meters. The hand-painted train included a dining car with a veranda and a smokers car with a luggage compartment.

The toy was not designed for sale. She stood in the window to attract customers to the store. Its first owners were the Garinders, an American family who bought a locomotive before the start of the First World War.

The relic was sold by a descendant of the Garinder in 2001, who sent it to the London auction. There, the toy attracted the interest of many collectors in Europe.

Soldier G.I. Joe by Hasbro

The soldier, who was 30 cm tall, opened a line of toy soldiers from Hasbro, which launched in 1964. The toy's uniform is hand-sewn.

The toys were of four types and "belonged" to the four branches of the US military. It came as a surprise that toys began to enjoy crazy popularity.

The demand for soldiers did not fall until 2003, and the first of them, which initially cost $ 4, was sold at an auction for 200, 000.

Barbie Stefano Canturi

The doll was created in 2007 by Mattel, which joined forces with Australian designer Stefano Canturi. This Barbie has become the most expensive cookie among her kind. Dressed in a black dress, the beauty adorned herself with an exquisite pink diamond necklace created by Canturi.

The right hand of the fashionista is decorated with a diamond ring. The famous designer has worked out the hairstyle and makeup of the toy, the official presentation of which took place in Sydney. From there, the Barbie was sent to New York at Christie's. Its organizers hoped to raise about $ 600, 000 for it. In reality, the cutie was bought for only 302.5 thousand.

Masterpiece Cube Rubik's Cube

In 1995, jeweler F. Cuellar created an unusual cube, which turned out to be quite functional. The uniqueness of the item is that it is coated with 18-carat gold, diamonds and other precious stones in the amount of 1350 pieces.

The masterpiece, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube, entered the Guinness Book of Records and was estimated at $ 1.5 million.

Mechanical doll "L'oiseleur"

The "Birdman" is assembled from more than two thousand polished steel parts. Its author was the Swiss Christian Bain, who devoted 15 thousand hours to the brainchild. The weight of the steel figure was 55 kg and its height was 120 cm. Her velvet, silk and satin robes seemed to have been pulled out of the Renaissance closets.

Porcelain was used for the arms and legs of the birder. When a flute sounds, which the doll holds in its hand, the birds placed on the body of the young man turn their heads. After the music stops, they begin to sing and flap their wings.

The toy weighs barely noticeable bows and blinks quite realistically, opens and closes its mouth. Surprisingly, the mechanism activates a single golden key. The groovy youth is kept in Switzerland, the workshop of the creator. It can be bought by the one who decides to give Bine $ 6, 2 million.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Robert Haplen created in 2011 a miniature of a real Lamborghini of the same name model in a scale ratio of 1: 8. The estimated cost of the copy exceeded the price of a real supercar 12 times and amounted to $ 4, 700, 000.

For the body of the miniature, carbon with gold inclusions was used, gold and platinum were taken to cast the rims. Diamonds were used to decorate the rest of the car. About five hundred hours were spent on the model, and the creation costs amounted to $ 2, 000, 000.