10 weird facts about the moon that modern scientists cannot explain

The moon has been stirring human minds since the beginning of time. And even today, in the era of progress, on the Internet you can find many outlandish stories and statements about the Moon. They range from fantastic conspiracy theories to truly bizarre anomalies that scientists cannot yet explain.

1. The size and orbit of the moon are perfect

Over the past few years, there have been several total eclipses of the Sun by the Moon. In fact, the very fact that people can observe such a phenomenon is a real miracle. It has long been known that the Moon is the only satellite that allows you to observe a total eclipse from the surface of the planet. In the case of the Earth, this is all due to the relative sizes of the Sun, Moon and the distance of the Earth from them. The Moon is about one-quarter the size of Earth's. And now about the oddities. The diameter of the moon is about 400 times smaller than the diameter of the sun. But the Moon is also 400 times closer to the Earth than the Sun. Also, the Moon has a perfect circular orbit around the Earth, unlike all other known satellites. This gives the impression that the Moon and the Sun are the same size in the sky. Although this is most likely a coincidence, his chance is several million to one. The conspiracy theorist does not tire of proving that the reason for this is simple: the Moon is an "artificial object" and its size and orbit are precisely verified.

2. Hollow Moon?

Carl Sagan stated in his book Intelligent Life in the Universe in 1966 that the natural satellite of a planet cannot be hollow. Most agreed with him. Therefore, scientists were shocked when seismic equipment on the moon recorded significant reverberations on November 20, 1969 after the Apollo 12 lunar module landed on the lunar surface. The moon not only "rang like a bell, " she did it for over an hour. If you believe the data, then this suggests that the moon is hollow. On the next mission, the reverberation was measured again. This time the effect was even greater, and the “ringing” lasted more than three hours. Despite speculation that the moon might indeed be hollow, based on NASA's own experiments, the results were largely obscured by NASA in subsequent years.

3. Strange craters

The moon is literally dotted with craters that have formed over billions of years of its existence. Oddly enough, these craters are the same depth. According to what scientists know today, these craters should vary greatly in depth, but this is not the case on the Moon. Most agree that this is just an anomaly, but some argue that the moon is artificial or hollow, and consider these craters as proof of their theory. Allegedly, under the rocky lunar surface there is an "inner shell" consisting of some kind of metallic material that can absorb impacts and distribute them evenly over the entire surface, thereby preventing the appearance of deep craters. According to some, this shell also prevents damage to what may lie underneath.

4. Artificial structures of the moon

NASA says the "artificial" structures on the Moon are optical illusions in most cases, and also the result of blurry, low-quality images in other cases. However, enthusiastic UFO enthusiasts claim that these images are irrefutable proof of alien and man-made structures on the Moon. Even in a couple of minutes on the Internet, you can find a bunch of similar photos, some of which are quite convincing. But reliable evidence, of course, is not enough. One such anomaly is called the Shard and can be found in NASA photographs. In the picture, you can see the artificial structure towering above the surface. The fact that it casts a shadow leads many UFO researchers to reject the idea of ​​an optical illusion. Interestingly, at a relatively short distance is another alleged structure, the Tower, which is estimated to be about 11 kilometers high.

5. Is the moon artificially placed in orbit?

There is no doubt that life on Earth will change dramatically without the Moon. It may even become impossible for people. The moon stabilizes the Earth's oceans and polar regions of the planet, creating seasons that allow most areas of the planet and life on it to flourish. However, many ancient scriptures seem to describe the time before the moon appeared in the Earth's sky. Some believe that the Moon is an artificial structure specially placed in a precisely calculated orbit to stabilize conditions on Earth.

6. Alien Intelligence Base

If some unknown ancient civilization purposefully placed the Moon in Earth's orbit, then the only logical assumption might be that an unearthly race did it. For example, controversial researcher and author David Icke argues that the Moon is an artificial satellite that transmits signals from Saturn to our planet and creates a "matrix" that is our reality.

7. Unique rotation of the moon

Everyone has heard of the dark side of the moon that humans have never seen. Many people think that the Moon is always facing the Earth with one side, since it does not rotate. But it would be more accurate to call this part of the Moon the "far side", since the Moon actually rotates. Around the Earth, the Moon makes a full circle in 27, 3 days, and it turns on its axis in 27 days. This "synchronized rotation" causes one side of the moon to always "move away" from our planet. Again, the Moon is unique in this, compared to the moons of other planets. From the conspiracy theorists' point of view, this was deliberately done to make the "dark side of the moon" the perfect place to build an alien base.

8. The real story of the moon

Letters from Andromeda by Alex Collier: In his controversial and widely ridiculed book Letters from Andromeda, author and researcher Alex Collier claimed to have uncovered the real history of the moon. But the way he got his information a little "alerted" people - the author allegedly received "telepathic messages" from an alien who lived in the constellation "Zenet". According to Collier, the Moon was actually a huge spacecraft that arrived here millions of years ago. She brought "reptilians, hybrids of humans and reptiles, as well as the first humans to set foot on Earth." Collier claims that the Moon is empty and there are several secret entrances on the surface that lead inside. Beneath the surface of the moon is a metal shell that hides the remnants of ancient alien bases left over from a huge war 113, 000 years ago. Today these bases are occupied by a secret world government that has worked alongside the extraterrestrial race.

9. Long history of the Earth

Many ancient scriptures tell about the time "before the moon".

For example, Aristotle wrote about Arcadia, stating that the earth was inhabited "before the moon was in the sky above the earth." Similarly, Apollonius of Rhodes spoke of a time "when not all the" balls "were still in heaven." The Chibcha tribe in Colombia also has similar oral legends, which begin with the words: "In the earliest times, when the moon was not yet in heaven." The Zulu have legends that claim that the moon was "pulled" from an unimaginable distance.

10. Secret missions on the moon

Alex Collier is not the only person to claim that there are bases on the moon. Over the past two decades, there have been many such statements, often purporting to come from anonymous sources who have made classified documents public. One of the more recent claims of a base on the moon was made by Dr. Michael Salla, who is working with the Chinese space agency on a manned mission to the moon. If successful, this will be the first human appearance on the moon since Apollo 17 in 1972. Salla claims the base is part of a "military-industrial extraterrestrial complex." Even stranger are his comments that NASA has actively bombarded such bases, as well as "ancient artifacts and objects" to hide their existence. In addition, he stated that secret lunar exploration missions are being conducted by a "secret world government" that has entered into a secret treaty with an unknown extraterrestrial race.