What can you buy for $ 1 in the world

What you can buy around the world for less than $ 1. It turned out - very, very much: from "fish pedicure" to 40 quail eggs.

Cambodia: two glasses of draft beer during the so-called Happy Hour, one delicious ginger-fried frog, cotton scarf krama (traditional headdress), three crispy fried spiders, 20 minutes of fish pedicure (yes, that happens), 4 liters of drinking water, a T-shirt from Angkor Wat (for an additional 50 cents the T-shirt will be, however, much better quality), two cans of Coca-Cola, two dragon fruits or 50 grams of Danish blue cheese. In addition, for $ 1, you can wash a kilogram of linen in the laundry.

Austria, Vienna: Kornspitz bun.

Philippines: half an hour of foot massage, a scattering of small fried fish, a haircut for a man with short hair, 28 Marlboro cigarettes, coffee at 7Eleven, 3 AA batteries, two hours of internet access, 4 donuts at Mr. Donut, 2 km taxi ride, 4 liters of drinking water or lots and lots of rice.

Spain: in the Canaries, in particular in Tenerife, you can get a cup of coffee for one dollar, but not in popular resorts, but in the capital.

Vietnam: rent a bike for 1 day, 2 cups of coffee with milk, 15 minutes of talking on a Mobifone SIM card, a plate of Vietnamese Pho soup, laundry (small), 250 grams of candied ginger, 40 quail eggs, 1 traditional Vietnamese hat (conical ), one or two newspapers, 1 DVD, 7 liters of drinking water, 2 entrance tickets to the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, two cool Halida beer, 1.25 liters of gasoline.

Great Britain: half a liter of gasoline, two cigarettes (things, not packs!), 3 apples, a newspaper.

Croatia: Ice Cream Large.

Denmark: liter of milk, ciabatta at Godthaabsvej Bakery, postcard stamp.

Hungary: in Budapest, $ 1 will allow you to buy 1 ice cream or 4 small apples or 1 hamburger or 1 postcard or 1 newspaper or half an hour of parking in the old town.

Turkey: a bus ticket, a can of Coca-Cola, a sandwich, a cup of tea, two or three newspapers, a kilogram of oranges or apples, a pound of bananas, two bottles of water (0.5 liters each), two loaves of bread.

Italy: in the hinterlands - a bottle of cheap wine or 1 kg of spaghetti or 6 bottles of mineral water or one tablet of ibuprofen, which will help relieve headaches from a cheap bottle of wine.

Colombia: In Bogota, a cup of coffee and a couple of fresh rolls.

South Korea: In Seoul, you can take a bus or subway ride for $ 1.

Thailand: a gallon of clean drinking water (4 liters), 1.5 liters of carbonated mineral water, an hour of talk on the mobile (subject to a call to a local number, of course), the English newspaper Bangkok Post, a pass to eight Skytrain stations in Bangkok, three servings of soft ice cream at the Dairy Queen, a plate of Thai green curry with rice, a liter of gasoline, a couple of kilometers in a taxi, two liters of Coca-Cola, food on the streets of Chiang Mai.

Egypt: A serving of koshary plate that includes rice, pasta, fried onions, lentils, and a donut or falafel.

India: $ 1 is a nice meal in Kolkatta.

Costa Rica: papaya, pineapple or watermelon.

UAE: In Dubai, you can taste shawarma at Jabal Al Noor.

Portugal: 1 espresso (not at the airport)

Laos: one ice cold beer Lao, one bacon and cheese sandwich, 4 rolls of toilet paper, 2 cups of brewed coffee or 2 bagels at Scandinavian Bakery, 16 medium bananas, one hour of internet (only half an hour in tourist spots), 3 liters of drinking water, two croissant.

Australia: A lottery ticket with a chance to win enough money for a two-week tour.

Jordan: a bag of chips or two coffees from a coffee machine.

USA: in Los Angeles for 1 dollar you can ride the Blue Bus or leave your car in the parking lot for one hour.

Nicaragua: a bottle of beer.

Argentina: In Buenos Aires, for $ 1, you can take a bus or subway ride, buy a lot of fruit or a bright braided bracelet, eat a bun.

Belize: Fried bananas on the street.

Indonesia: In Manado, for $ 1, you can get a full meal with a piece of fried chicken, rice, vegetables, mineral water and fruit.

Myanmar: a glass of iced coffee, 4 packs of local cigarettes or half a pack of branded Marlboros, doxycycline malaria tablets for 17 days, 10 samosas donuts with filling, 4 liters of pure water, a can of Coca-Cola or a liter of local Star Cola, one pomelo, one hour of internet.

In short, if you are looking for where to spend $ 1 wisely - there is no better place than Vietnam, Thailand or the Philippines