15 interesting facts from the life of Catherine II

1. The Empress was quick-tempered, but knew how to control herself and never made decisions in a fit of anger.

2. During the entire reign of Catherine, only one execution was carried out. Emelyan Pugachev was executed

3. During her reign from 1762 to 1796, the population of Russia increased from 30 to 44 million.

4. Under Catherine II, paper money was first issued

5. For promoting the spread of Buddhism in Russia, Catherine II was ranked by the lamas of Buryatia as one of the manifestations of White Tara.

6. In the life of the empress there were thirteen men, including her husband, relations with whom are documented.

7. People close to Catherine, who knew her well, talked about her attractive appearance not only in her youth, but also in maturity.

8. Under Catherine II, 216 new cities appeared

9. The foreign policy of Catherine the Great led to a significant increase in the territory of Russia. The foreign policy of Catherine II was aggressive. The Empress believed that Russia should behave as in the time of Peter I.

10. The number of industrial enterprises on the territory of the Empire doubled.

11. Thomas Dimsdale, an English doctor, was summoned from London to introduce smallpox vaccinations in Russia (the young Emperor Peter II died from this terrible disease in 1729). Aware of society's resistance to innovation, Empress Catherine II decided to set a personal example and became one of Dimsdale's first patients. In 1768, an Englishman instilled smallpox in her and the Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich.

The convalescence of the empress and her son became a significant event in the life of the Russian court.

12. In addition to Pavel, Catherine had a son from Count Orlov, Bobrinsky, Alexey Grigorievich

13. The Empress was a skilled craftswoman. She knitted on knitting needles and “skillfully sewed on canvas”. She usually did this after dinner, while I.I.Betskoy read to her aloud. After finishing reading, Catherine the Great moved to the Hermitage, where she sharpened from wood, bone, amber, and also engraved, translated antiques on glass or played billiards.

14. At the entrance to the Hermitage in the time of Catherine on a special shield appeared the following inscription: "The mistress of these places does not tolerate coercion."

15. Catherine was quite indifferent to fashion. She could not even notice her, and also deliberately ignore her. By the empress's own admission, she did not have a creative mind, but at the same time she wrote plays, and some of them even sent for "review" to the famous Voltaire.