Geodak: facts about an unusual clam

Geodak is an unusual and very unattractive mollusk in appearance.

It was nature that made him so unpleasant. Nevertheless, in many Asian countries, geodacks have gained immense popularity. It is the meat of this mollusk that is in demand among the population. The cost of a valuable product is $ 300 per kg. As a result of the fact that there are a lot of lovers of eating geodak meat, special farms have been created in the countries on which mollusks are grown.

Geodak is rightfully considered the largest mollusk that lives in the depths of the sea. The second name of the mollusk is "elephant trunk". The geodak will receive such a nickname as a result of the fact that he lives in an upright position and only shows the tip of the "trunk" on the surface of the water. The very same shell, in which he lives, is in the depths of the sea. The habitat of the geodak is the Pacific Ocean. To get a geodak, a lot of time must pass, since this craft is well worth learning.

The weight of the mollusk reaches 1.5 kg, but in nature there were also larger specimens, the weight of which reached as much as 7 kg.

Geodaki are centenarians. They can live up to 140 years.

Many scientists are still trying to uncover the secret of such a long life of the mollusk.

One of the reasons put forward by scientists is the following: the use of plankton in food, passed through a special siphon. Thus, the garbage is eliminated, and everything else enters the body of the mollusk. Despite the fact that geodaki are quite prolific, their mortality is very high. For this reason, this type of mollusk does not inhabit the entire ocean.